Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Our last week of February in PreK was spent building robots. All of the kids participated in making them each day. There’s something really satisfying about creating with glue, googly eyes, and tin foil. As they make them, we talk about what their robots will do, what functions they serve, and the answers are so creative and always changing.

On Wednesday afternoon, some of the boys said, “Let’s clean up the toys so we can only play with our robots!”

We also played a fun robot song Dancing Robots Song ♫ Brain Breaks, Action & Dance Song ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station that you can watch at home. 

During our meetings and table times, we talked about the letter U, and we’ve been playing around with unifix cubes and numbers up to 20. 

During snacktime, we are naming feelings in our Second Step lessons. Simply naming a feeling can make the feeling less strong, because it engages the thinking part of the brain. This is a helpful strategy for children when they are upset. 

On Thursday, we will play with magnets, learn some vocabulary words like magnetic fields, poles, attract and repel, and do some experiments with various magnets in small groups. 

A peek at next week: The room will get a redo as we transform the science lab into a castle. We’ll learn about Shushan and the holiday of Purim in March, as well as focus on lots of fairy tales, which are great pre-literacy gateways for PreK. Please continue to send snow gear including mittens and hats each day, no matter what the weather was the day before.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda