Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had such a fun week using test tubes and mixing it up as scientists in our classroom.

On Monday, the kids crushed chalk and mixed it with water using the mortar and pestle. Afterwards, they poured them onto paper to see if it would dry like a painting, but all it did was crumble. Really fun sensory experience for the kids though. 

Tuesday, we talked about the letter T and getting so close to the end of the alphabet. It’s been really interesting this week, as the kids tell me another “t” word to add to our list, they are also telling me often of words we missed when learning the other letters like, “Miss Amanda, we forgot to add a word to S, soap!” I hope you all are hearing them discover the phonics in the world around them- it’s a sure step towards reading!  In addition to learning about T, the kids also decorated the cover page for their winter bird books, which are almost complete.

We also read a book called “Esther the Eaglet” about a bald eagle chick that was rescued and rehabilitated here at the raptor center at the U of M in St. Paul. It’s a very interesting book full of photos and geared toward our age group.

Wednesday was a big day that began with a guided drawing of a bald eagle, the last bird in our book. After music class and snack, the class came together to do some “real” science work, observing reactions with baking soda and vinegar, and then again but with some dish soap added to the vinegar to make a bubblier reaction. Finally, the kids added some food coloring to make some show-stopping bubbles. It was great fun and also great fine-motor and listening work.

During lunch, I read a book many were familiar with, Ada Twist Scientist, about a girl and her curiosity. At the end of the day, the kids decided they wanted to do more experiments with mixing colors and with ice, so that guided our plan for the rest of the week.

Thursday morning was color mixing day. The test tubes were such a hit, that we used them again.

After about 45 minutes of color mixing, I saved some of the colors to use as watercolor paint for an after-snack activity.

We played lots of popular music today during play time, songs from Frozen and Sing, and there was lots of dancing around. Even though we can’t get outside in the single-digit weather, the kids find ways to stay active here at school.

On Friday, we will explore ice in the room with ice blocks and cubes, salt and sugar to sprinkle and observe, and probably more food coloring to drip on the ice. Will they want to melt it or chop it? I’m not sure, but I’ll go with it and let them explore as they learn best by doing and through the lens of play. 

A peek at next week: We will learn about the letter V (Vivi!), take a look at magnets, and open up the robot lab, now that we have some supplies for it. No class on Friday next week, and book character dress-up day on Thursday! 

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda