Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Dealing with the cold in February is when Minnesotans earn their stripes, although I’ve lived here for 21 years and some people still say I’ve never really lived through a real Minnesota winter. Maybe not, but on days when it’s under 15 degrees with the wind chill, we keep your kids inside for recess due to safety. This week, we only got outside one day, but we made the most of it with lots of snow shoveling and snow angel making. Inside, I watched the kids play many games with full-speed running as ninjas, zombies, and tigers.

Today, the kids played a great game of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck (or Goose, I’m not partial), teaching some of the younger preschoolers how to play with kindness and patience. 

Our winter bird books are almost complete. This week, we added the robin to our book. We will begin making the cover, and then I’ll work with kids in small groups to help them finish their birds. I’d love for you to take home the book by the end of next week. They are really special.

On Monday, we celebrated Tu B’Shevat with a seder trying out different fruits from trees around the world. It was a fun time! On Tuesday, we collected tzedakah for donation towards planting trees in Israel. It was fun to give to a good cause.

Our classroom got a slight redo with our new science lab dramatic play area and the addition of lots of robot themed building toys, puzzles and games. There is usually so much novelty in the first week of a “redo” that the kids do not need much prompting from me on what they want to work on in the room. Playing is the best way to learn, coming up with their own stories and seeing them through. After all, you need to imagine stories before telling them, and tell them before writing. In this way, playing is the ultimate pre-writing skill builder. 

I love seeing the kids dressing up as scientists! We talked quite a bit this week about all the different kinds of science. Most kids in this class are very aware of paleontology (thanks to Isaac!), but with some prompting, I was able to let them see they knew about meteorology, rocket science, chemistry, and biology. One game I brought is called Robot Turtles is a board game that teaches the basics of coding in a simplistic way. I’d like to try it out with other kids in a small group more, so that each child has the chance to try it if they desire. It’s pretty fun. 

On Friday, we will have special person’s shabbat at 9:00 and then Logan’s mom is joining our class to be a reader for February Read month! Very exciting! 

A peek at next week: Starting next week, we will have a robot lab in the art area. Would you help us with supplies by bringing in any empty Kleenex, cereal, oatmeal, fruit bar containers? Toliet paper and paper towel rolls are appreciated too. Thanks in advance! We will also be learning more in depth about bald eagles and other raptors, the letter Tt, more about scientists and robots with books and some chemistry experiments too. Should be a fun week, no matter what the weather deals us.


Miss Amanda