Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Purim week has been a blast, with new crafts each day, fun songs to sing, and every day we have been outside on the playground. We finally found the snow shovels, just in time for the snow to melt away! That being said, please continue to send snow pants and boots next week, as the snow is still around in places, and they will be more comfortable if they can protect their clothes. I’ll let you know as soon as we are snow free, and we can retire the snow gear.

Monday: The kids made their own crowns like the king and queen of Shushan today out of blank sentence strips. Later, we read a story called Bravery Soup by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, about a raccoon who goes on a quest to find bravery, only to discover it was within him all along. Not a new concept, but it’s written in a way that connects with young children.

Tuesday: Today, we made salt dough hamantaschen. First, we mixed the dough together, which was really sticky. Lots of kneading makes it smooth, and once ready, we rolled it out and cut circles. After shaping into triangles, the kids painted their “cookies” and set them to dry. They’ll go home Friday.

We introduced the letter Y this morning during our meeting. It’s a letter that has a definitive sound, but it also can sound like a long e, or be silent. So, in a nutshell, it’s a tricky one- and we talked about it a bit.  Mostly, we are focused in PreK on the phonics of Y in words like yellow, yogurt, and Maya.

Wednesday: Our music class today with the Cantor had us singing for one last week the songs he’s taught us about Purim. One of the songs is about Haman, beginning with “Oh Haman was bad, oh Haman was mean, “ and it leads to a refrain of “Haman, you’re just the meanest man!” It’s a catchy tune, so I was still singing it after music. The kids were singing along, and then Asher sang, “Oh Haman was nice!” The kids erupted. What?! We can turn the song on its head? I was all for it, so we got into it and had so many giggles with Lily singing, “Haman, you’re just the cutest man!” Later after snack, we put together 12 mishloach manot, or Purim baskets, to deliver to the office staff upstairs. Each child made paper flowers, and we added a variety of little treats. Then, we trekked upstairs to hand deliver the bags. The kids were able to practice their manners and bravery, as sometimes it’s intimidating to talk to adults, even when it’s only “Happy Purim” and “You’re Welcome.”

Thursday: Right away this morning, the energy was celebratory in anticipation for our Purim parade and costume day. The kids made groggers out of paper plates and black-eyed peas.

We made our way around the building in our parade, ending with a snack of bananas and hamantaschen in the social hall. So fun that Maya joined us too!

We started playing a number recognition game with notecards, where each child has a card and listens for their number. “I have 3, who has 7?” Then 7 stands up and reads their card, and so on. The kids really responded to it, and we played three different rounds. This game is versatile too; we can play it with sight words next month.

Friday: Today, our plan is to make some puppets using a variety of materials. I’ll have some pictures of the Purim characters, but the kids can also make their own characters- perhaps some sharks or unicorns. We’ll do some writing practice with slanted lines, like the letters V, W, X, and Y.

A peek at next week: This last week of March, we will transform the castle into a pirate ship and talk like pirates! Also, the letter Z.