Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Arghh! We focused on pirates in our play this week, making some fun ships and costumes.

We completed our weekly alphabet study with Z. After this week, we will continue to practice the letters and sounds, as well as adding consonant blends and sight words. A reminder: none of these literacy goals are a requirement for admission to kindergarten, but I feel your child’s familiarity with them will ease their transition. Also, some of the kids are simply ready for more, so we are allowing them to grow.  

I also added a few more math games and 100 charts to the room, to keep up their interest in counting. Maya saw the number mat on the carpet and asked, “How do you play this game?” I told her to tell me what she thought, and she quickly got to work putting bears on the number cards. She knew!

Eli found my pocket chart of mismatched numbers to 25 and stopped to put it in order. Asher, Lily, and Eli used the 100 chart to write and count up to 100.

Monday: Two big cardboard boxes, one giant stuffed dog, and three vivid imaginations all added up to some story-telling fun this morning. The kids made some boats and acted out scenes from 101 Dalmatians as they welcomed Purdy the dalmatian to our room. I think she’ll make a great class mascot!

The children were thinking of spring in art class where they made rainbows which are hanging in our room.

Tuesday: Our last day (hopefully) in snowpants outside, as the snow is rapidly melting. The warmer temperatures had us all smiling outside!

Inside the classroom, we had pirate ship play. Avi, Asher and Eli made treasure maps to aid them in their journeys. They used our Purim necklaces as their treasure, and made oars and blasters (to thwart the giant paper octopus) out of cardboard tubes and dowel sticks.

Wednesday: We had a fun time in music beginning to learn songs about Passover and the story of Moses.

The day was memorable particularly because the weather was so warm outside. We made sure to get outside twice to play in the sunshine!

Thursday: Today, the kids made pirate costumes. First, they made hooks to hold, like Captain Hook. Then, they made flags, more maps, and each of them tried on a pirate eye patch.

We shared some fun items from home during show-and-tell, and read a few more fun pirate books.

Friday: Today, in addition to Shabbat services, we will learn a fun pirate song that highlights listening skills and have a treasure hunt. We will also learn about pulleys and try to make a flagpole we can raise with a homemade pulley.

A peek at next week: We will celebrate our alphabet all week long with fun games and activities. I will also introduce literacy choice time, which will take place after lunch each day. Kids will choose from 4-5 different stations that focus on literacy and writing skills. Hopefully, we will also get outside for a nature walk to take note of any signs of spring on our grounds.


Ms. Amanda