Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

This week in Yarok we had our very first field trip! In addition, we learned some new sight words, read stories about Passover seders and began a book about ourselves to show parents during conferences later this month. Yes, we got some snow too, but I’m not going to focus on that nonsense!

Monday: Before art class today, Avi and Maya created some tissue paper ice cream scoops to add to our shop. They took the time to decorate each flavor, and all the kids in our room have had fun using them. It’s good to make things that they all can share and enjoy.

In art class with Ms. Beth, the kids made paintings with golf balls in anticipation of sport day. So fun!

Tuesday: Field trip day! We departed right at 9:00 to Heilicher at the JCC. The kids, Amber and I had a nice ride to and from, and it was fun to hear the kids reading the signs, pointing out letters and numbers they recognized. Once at the school, we read a story in their library, then sang some songs and had a snack.

Later, the kids saw the art/maker room in which different stations were set up for building structures. The kids rotated at their own pace and choice. I think the staff was very impressed with our kids’ manners and intelligence; I know I was so very proud to be their teacher!

Wednesday: Our first four sight words are I, am, is and the. The kids are learning to recognize them in our morning meetings when we do group reads. When you read to them, see if they recognize them in their books. Speaking of books, the kids all began at least the first page of their autobiographical books. These books will be ones they can read when completed. I stressed the importance of doing quality work on the pages: they shouldn’t rush through, but take time, use more than one color in the illustrations, and try to use their best writing. You’re going to love them!

Thursday: snow day (but I’m not focusing on it) 🙂

Friday: After our special person’s Shabbat, we are going to look at the difference between bread and matzah. We’ll experiment with yeast, feeding it and giving it time to rise. Let’s hope it will be the last snowy playground day until next winter too!

A peek at next week: No school for regular PreK! After our spring break, we will be playing more math games, more life science observations, more sight words, and more time to move and play.


Ms. Amanda