Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had a fun week in Yarok, observing Passover, enjoying the spring air, and learning through blocks and art.  What makes this time of year special in PreK is the sense of peace that pervades the classroom; the kids are right where a teacher wants them to be, happy and confident in their abilities, friendly and respectful of each other and the room, and still so curious about knowing more. They are really ready for kindergarten.

Monday: Today, Avi was my only student. We took advantage of our one-on-one time together by finger painting in the morning, a great sensory process-based activity.

Then, we got serious about our play in the Ice Cream Shop. I made a quick call to the baby room, and we decided to take our ice cream to the babies to share in the fun. Avi made a sign for our cart (authentic writing), loaded up nine ice cream cups, scoops, and spoons (so much math in dramatic play!), and we headed over to room 105 next door. The babies, especially Easton and Adam, loved our “treats.”

Tuesday: Special program day as Stages Theater presented their interactive play about the ocean. As always, it was a quality production with sensory activities for touch, songs to sing, and dancing for the wiggles.

Afterwards, the kids were busy with their own projects. Some are getting very involved in the written word, some are still very passionate about their drawing, and some are really getting into building.  

We introduced two new sight words little and like, two words that frequently show up in easy reader books. The kids are practicing the words each day, and I’m showing them how they can use them to build sentences already. It’s exciting.

Wednesday: After music class with Cantor Schwartz, the kids wanted to put on a music show. So, they dressed up and rehearsed, with Lily making up lyrics to a song. The kids started singing it too!

The weather has been perfect for playing outside and today was the first day that was warm enough to forgo jackets. Thanks to every family for bringing in new sunscreen this week!

Thursday: This morning, everyone worked a little on their autobiographies. I want them to be a nice reminder of PreK, but I don’t want to make the work a chore, so I follow their lead on how much to do each week. All the kids made their own artwork to take home too. Later, after show and tell during our meeting time, some of the kids made creations out of leftover matzah. Eli made a matzah robot, while Lily first made a puzzle and then moved on to the sensory art of drizzling glue on the pieces like a collage.

Asher and Avi spent some time together in the rice table with a new cardboard box inside.

Friday: To celebrate our last day of the ice cream shop, we are going to make our own ice cream and sample it after lunch. Plus, Shabbat services and a final day of reading stories related to the Passover holiday.

A peek at next week: Our new dramatic play center, the veterinary clinic , will be set up. We’ll make props, plan out the area, and open for business this week. New sight words as well as new literacy and numeracy activities will be added to the room. We will also be learning about trike and bike safety!


Ms. Amanda