Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Welcome to May! This month is going to go by fast, and we’ve already had a great start. We learned two new sight words, my and and.  We talked about and completed a book on bicycle and tricycle safety (as well as learned the prefixes uni-, bi-, and tri-).

We opened our Vet Pet Clinic, to positive reviews. We learned about our brains, and the important work it does to keep us safe, save our memories, and learn. But the most impressive takeaway for me personally this week was meeting with all of the parents of our PreK group. I’m so extremely proud of the work these kids have done all year, growing academically, socially and emotionally. You guys have great kids!

Monday: Maya and Avi arrived in class to a bunch of boxes and bags. They helped me tear down the ice cream parlor and set up the Pet Vet Clinic. Such menschen they are!

Tuesday: We had a busy day settling into our vet clinic, figuring out how best to share the supplies and the examination table.

We learned our new sight words in our meeting, and at snack we talked about helmets- what do they protect? Our brains, that’s what! We held our hands into fists, touching and lining up our thumbs, to approximate the size of their brains. Then, I taught them about the prefrontal cortex (about where the thumbs are), the amygdala (the index fingers), and the hippocampus (the middle fingers). A link to the poster in our room is here: Brain poster  

Wednesday: After a fun music class, the kids all got deep into dramatic play in our clinic. Avi extended the area by building homes for the pets with the wooden blocks.

We talked a little about PreK graduation coming up too. I gradually talk about the service, what’s going to happen, so that the kids know what to expect. Our class usually performs a few songs, so we started making a list of songs they really like. We’ll make a decision about our choices soon, and then start practicing.

Thursday: The big news today was that our vet clinic is sporting a light table complete with real pet x-rays. The kind people at Shady Oak Veterinary Clinic have loaned me several older x-rays for viewing. They are really interesting, and even I am learning a lot by looking at them.

The boys today also played with lots of different building blocks: magnatiles, legos, and tinker-type toys.

Friday: Today, we will have a trike-a-thon at school after Shabbat services. We’ll collect our tzedakah to give to St. Jude hospital programs for sick children. Hopefully, it will be a sunny, warmer day so the kids can get outside on the playground and run around.

A peek at next week: We will begin to learn about Israel, its people and its land. We will also work on our books about ourselves, completing them. The big news is that our classroom caterpillars should arrive by Wednesday! We will be their caretakers until they turn into butterflies by the end of the month.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda