Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

What’s that? Another crazy weather week? Yes, indeed, we had two nice days of spring before we dipped back into winter. Even though the weather got cold, we still had spring on our minds with the arrival of our classroom caterpillars as well as projects to make for the special people in our lives. With Yom Ha’Atzmaut on Thursday, I took the opportunity to sing lots of songs about Israel, including Hatikvah, and read books about Israel too.

Last Friday: A few pictures of our very fun bike-a-thon day. Maya kept saying that it was the best day of school she’d ever had!

Monday: Avi and I had a fun day playing songs, reading books aloud and on CD, and creating art with Ms. Beth.

Tuesday: Our caterpillars arrived!

We read a book about the expected transformation and their life cycle. Then, we established some ground rules for viewing the jar- we can hold it, just not shake or tap the sides to disturb them.

The vet clinic is still a popular place to be, along with puzzles and art.  

Our new sight words are we and see, and the kids are enjoying flipping through the words at our morning meetings.

Wednesday: This morning, I had some crafting supplies for collages. The kids created some cool pieces of art for their moms. With the rain, the kids had a bit of cabin fever, but they burned off lots of energy in the big room at recess.

Thursday: More crafting for Moms, this time the kids made magic wands using different materials.

The big excitement of the day was our parade for Israel’s Independence Day, Yom Ha’Atzmaut. The kids all decided to bring their guitars for the parade. But then, Eli arrived without his guitar by mistake. He was so blue about it, and after a few minutes, while we were making our wands, the absolute kindest thing happened. Avi said, “Eli, I was thinking you could play my guitar, and I will play Shira’s (Avi’s sister) drum.”  I honestly almost cried, it was so very touching. Eli immediately brightened and said sincerely, “Thanks, Avi.” And Avi never wavered in his decision to share: he played Shira’s drum in the parade like a rockstar. Afterwards, I let Eli take a long turn with my guitar as they all played “Am Israel Chai” together. What a great group of kids!

Friday: Today, we will begin with Special Person’s Day Shabbat, then we will finish up our Mother’s Day gifts and wrap them up in tissue paper. The kids began a little book about the life cycle of the caterpillar. Hopefully, we’ll have lots of sun and get outside on the playground so we can close the week feeling like it’s spring again.

A peek at next week: We will finalize our song selection for our graduation ceremony, continue our caterpillar observations, and plant our sunflower garden. We’ll learn some new sight words, read books on gardening, and begin our peer gratitude books. It’s going to be a fun week!

-Miss Amanda