Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Mid-May, how did this happen? Our school year is almost over, and it seems like we’ve still got so much to do each day! This week our class was focused on our caterpillars, our sunflower garden, reading skills, and expressing kindness.

Monday: Today the preschoolers joined our class for the morning. It was fun showing them around! Carles, Logan and Marko will join our class in just two more weeks, so they got a sneak peek. Grayson, Jonathan and Elijah seemed comfortable at play too.

After lunch, Maya, Avi and I went out to the back garden to check out our pots and plan our garden for planting. The two took some time to run in the gaga ball pit too.

Tuesday: Our caterpillars have transformed into chrysalids! Today, we talked about what we needed to do next, which is create a habitat for them.

The kids added a page in their caterpillar books, and then set off on their own projects. Maya and Lily played school, while the boys took turns playing in the sensory table, drawing, and playing with unifix cubes, making patterns and playing with math concepts.

During lunch, I taught a mini-lesson with our secondstep program, reviewing the steps of fair play to prepare for making new friends in kindergarten. This program has allowed us to talk about possible concerns in an easy way.

Wednesday: The kids added a few pages to their autobiographies today, a page about their family and one about their friends. They worked hard this morning.

After this, we went outside and planted our sunflower garden.

We have five big pots for planting, plus we planted another huge pot off to the side- all with different varieties of sunflowers. I told the kids we would measure the height as they grow all summer. Why put them in pots, you may ask. A few years ago, we planted our first sunflower garden in the ground, and the rabbits discovered them. It’s a hard truth to see your beloved plants mowed down overnight! Planting in pots eliminates this problem.

During recess, another sign of spring- our first toad sighting! While I personally don’t want to hold a toad, I do appreciate their presence on our playground. They’re a great opportunity to teach kindness to animals and appreciation for all of God’s creatures.

Thursday: Today, I moved our chrysalids from their jar into our much larger butterfly habitat. The kids got to observe the six miracles up close: so interesting!

At lunch, we began an end-of-year appreciation project for our teachers and classmates. The kids and I talked about the many ways we could say truthful and kind things about each other. It’s good practice to state the values someone has out loud, and it always feels good to hear kind words spoken about ourselves by our peers. It’s a special time in our class in these last weeks during our lunch.

Friday: Today, the kids will mix colors to create their skin tone to use in portraits next week. I will also have all the rainbow for them to mix too- maybe they’ll want to make a mural?

A peek at next week: We will create a self-portrait in our last full week of class. We’ll have our graduation caps and gowns in the dress-up area for the kids as a way to get them used to the big day. We’ll practice our songs and continue to follow our routines to keep a sense of normalcy.  And maybe, we’ll have some butterflies!

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda