Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

As our scholastic year comes to a close, I want to thank each of you and your families for your support over the past year. I truly love what I do, I’m passionate about early childhood education, and your support is a big part of what has made our class so special this year. This week, we finished up our self-portraits, watched our butterflies emerge and released them, and we began prepping for our graduation.

But before the play-by-play, a few notes about next Wednesday:

  • I will be bagging up student artwork and projects to take home to create more of a blank slate for summer. Please take home all jackets. I’ll put a little note and a book from me for the kids in these bags, so your child should go through it after you get home.
  • We are rehearsing two songs to sing at the graduation ceremony. Please don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t sing or won’t even stand up and join the class for the songs. This is so normal! It’s asking quite a bit of this age to perform in front of strangers, even in a comfortable group setting like ours.
  • Make sure the cubby bin for your child is well-stocked for warmer months when you return for summer session.

Monday: Today, Avi and Maya took some time to make some personal painting and art projects- Maya made two paintings for her family, while Avi made a toy for his sister.

Later, we went to art class with Ms. Katie Gitler. The kids learned about different types of seeds, decorated a clay pot, and then planted a bulb in soil. They had a lot of fun.

After playing outside with the preschool, Maya and Avi relaxed after lunch with a favorite activity- listening to books on CD. All in all, it was a relaxing and productive Monday.

Tuesday: We worked on our self-portraits more today. During group time, we talked about what a portrait was. The kids drew portraits of a partner with white boards. Everyone got a kick out of changing the eyebrows to show a mad or angry face.

After this, the kids began to plan their own portrait using the head, ear, and neck paintings they made by mixing colors to create their own skin tones. They painted the whites of their eyes, and we planned for the rest.

We got outside today, though the weather had turned much cooler. As for our chrysalids, we all made predictions as to when they would emerge. I taught them the chant, “Prediction! Prediction!, Make your best guess!” while pointing to my brain. We learned a prediction is a guess, but a smart one, not a silly one.

Wednesday:  Four butterflies emerged today, and all the kids got to see one of them! Such a miracle, not only that it happens at all, but that we saw it, as the process of exiting the chrysalis is over in a few seconds.

The kids finished their butterfly books (coming home this week) and we also worked on the self-portrait paintings some more. I was really impressed by their attention to detail. These paintings are going to be keepers!

Because of the rain, we stayed inside for recess and played a long game of Duck, Duck Grey Duck/Goose (kids’ choice on the term) with the preschool. It was nice to see how all the kids were so understanding about picking those who hadn’t had a turn yet as well as rooting for the racers and helping them find their spaces. Way to care, PreK!

Thursday: Today was one of those great days that felt peaceful almost the entire time. Kids were involved with projects and play, and moved easily between classmates and activities. When I got to work this morning, the remaining butterflies were here. We began the morning putting the finishing touches on the self-portraits.

Then, during show and tell, Ms. Amber began to call the kids into the art room to tie-dye their shirts and have their nails painted.

Later, we met with the infants and the preschool by the fountain outside to release three of our butterflies. Everyone loved the specialness of the day.

Friday: Butterflies are a beautiful example of symmetry in nature, and I want to talk about that with the kids today. We will  learn a hand movement and chant: “Symmetry is the same size and the same shape on both sides of the line.” After finding some examples around the room, and drawing myself, we’ll paint some color on half of a folded page and press the blank half to create a mirror image. These pictures may look like butterfly wings. Very unique! We will release the last three butterflies- if it’s raining, we’ll just release them under the awning by the main entrance, but I hope it stays dry.

Our seeds that we planted last week have sprouted, and we’ve been busy taking care of them. Next up, where will we plant them?

A peek at next week:

Learning about Shavuot, field day, and finally our PreK graduation ceremony.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda