Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Welcome to summer session in PreK! I think the kids had a fantastic first week of summer; the weather certainly cooperated. We were outside having water play for most of the week, enjoying the warm sunshine. Thank you to parents for bringing all the proper water play gear this week. In the classroom, we talked about Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai by God to the Jewish people. With this holiday, preschoolers can explore the ideas of rules, mountains, and of course food!

A reminder to families that I will be in Israel for the next two weeks. I can’t wait to see my daughter, who is an IDF soldier, and celebrate my son Max’s bar mitzvah in Jerusalem. While I’m away, the substitute teacher will lead the kids through lessons and books with an ocean theme. There should be a lot of great learning through play while I’m gone.

Okay, here’s the day-to-day wrap-up:

Monday: We set up our pizza parlor today while welcoming Carles, Logan, and Marko to our room. Today in our meeting, we talked about mountains, and then read a story about a little mountain that happens to be Mt. Sinai.

Tuesday: We welcomed the rest of the new PreK’rs, Eli P., Lila, and Sammy to our room this morning. During our meeting, we discussed rules and whether we should have them or not. Almost all of the kids said that rules were a good idea! We read a book about a boy who wished for no rules, and afterwards had a good discussion. I told them my wish was for the rules we have to keep us safe so that we can be happy, healthy and peaceful at school. Then, the kids got a chance to get wet outside. They are getting used to signing up for learning centers after lunch (about a 20 minute window of time), and that is going well.

Wednesday: Have you ever felt nervous? After our music class with the cantor, the class talked about this question during our meeting. Turns out, most kids had a memory of feeling unsure about something. During snack, I read a book about a girl who is learning about Shavuot, but is nervous about climbing a mountain. She anticipates problems, but learns to work through them. A few of the kids admitted being a little nervous about joining our class this week. I hope that they have overcome that feeling and are now more confident that they indeed belong in 104.

Thursday: Today was our newest students first show and tell day, and it was so fun. After snack today, we went out and measured the sunflowers in the garden. Some of them are sprouts from seeds we planted, while others were from nursery plantings. We will track their growth on a chart outside our classroom. How high will they grow?

Friday: The plan for today is to review what we know about Shavuot while introducing some Jewish culture into the mix. Traditionally, Jews eat dairy foods to celebrate this holiday. According to reformjudaism.org, “many Jews prepare and eat dairy foods – often cheesecake or blintzes – on Shavuot as a reminder of the sweetness of Torah, and also as a reminder that the Torah calls the land of Israel a land “flowing with milk and honey” (Exodus 3:8).” The Yarok class participate by making organic yogurt, honey and fruit parfaits to go with our snack.

A peek at the next two weeks: A closer look at ocean animals the first week, then learning about shells the second. I hope the weather is sunny and warm while I’m away.


Ms. Amanda