Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

This week and next week Miss Amanda is out so we had Miss Sarah and Miss Rebecca as our teachers. We had to remember that even though Miss Amanda is gone, we still have the same rules and expectations but also need to be flexible with some differences.

The week was focused on the Ocean and ocean creatures. We read lots of books about the ocean.

On Monday, we had Miss Sarah. We started our ocean creature book. Each day this week we colored a different ocean coloring sheet and took them home at the end of the week.

We also had the opportunity to make a picture with glue and then sprinkle sand on it.

On Tuesday we started making signs and pictures for Miss Amanda. Miss Amber sent the picture to Miss Amanda to show her that we miss her!

We worked together to make a communal ocean picture using any medium; markers, crayons, paint, scrap paper.

Wednesday was our first day with Miss Rebecca. We started right away with a Soccer Shots demo and it was so fun!

Then we had music with Cantor Schwartz which is always a good time.

We made cut-paper octopus or any creature from the ocean.

Thursday, we took a little break from the ocean and talked about our sunflowers. We took a nature walk to our sunflowers with our clipboards and rulers and measured how tall our sunflowers got.

We also had our sharing time with lots of fun things to share.

Friday we will have water play and we will play with playdough. We will also have a dance party with the Fish Party CD. Eli will be our Shabbat Helper during our Special Person Shabbat.

Next week we will still have Miss Rebecca and our focus will be shells.