Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Another week has gone by and we focused on shells, tongue-twisters and beaches. We are really looking forward to having Miss Amanda back next week. We have really missed her!

On Monday we started the week with building towers and trains with dominoes. We also talked about our weekends which is great for everyone to focus on listening and asking questions.

Tuesday we introduced shells and what we know about them. We explored them by using our senses (not taste) and weighing them.

Wednesday we had music with Cantor Schwartz. We also cut paper plates into animals with shell-shapes and used markers, glue and sand to decorate.

Thursday was a fun day with fishing in a bin of water. We fished for fish and sea shells.

Lily even brought the shells over to examine under the microscope.

We had sharing today too!

We then took a walk to measure our sunflowers. The kids are doing great at measuring and writing down their findings.

Friday we will draw ocean pictures with crayon and then watercolor over. We will also have Shabbat!

Next week we will have Miss Amanda back for more fun and learning! Thank you Miss Rebecca and Miss Sarah for teaching while Miss Amanda was away!