Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Happy Friday, Yarok families! It’s great to be back in the classroom after a long vacation. This week in PreK, we talked, wiggled, and touched worms as a beginning to a longer study next month of the animals around our Bet Shalom neighborhood. 

Monday: Today, we spent some time in class building with geoboards, drawing, and simply reconnecting with me as their teacher.

Maya looked through all the books about the ocean and shells and told me which ones they hadn’t read. I chose a book about sea shells, and Logan and Maya began sorting some real shells. This turned into making letters and designs, and then they made a game with little fish nets.

Marko was very involved all morning with making notes and pictures. Carles spent time at the sand table with Avi, and later both boys joined Marko at the art table.

During meeting and snack time, we reviewed our hopes for our class- to be safe, happy, healthy, and peaceful so that we all can learn. We accomplish this by taking care of each other and solving our problems together. 

Tuesday: I put out some modeling clay as an invitation to explore. What did the kids learn? It smells funny, it is squishy, you can mix the colors, you can use a plastic knife if you concentrate, and quite possibly many other things about this clay that they didn’t know before. They all agreed that they wanted to work with “real” clay soon, and I will get that set up next week.

At meeting time, we made a list of what we knew about worms, and I read the book Wiggling Worms at Work which is full of worm facts.

Wednesday: Time to check out some real worms! Before handling them though, we reviewed the importance of being kind to animals, even worms. Because of time constraints, the kids only had a few minutes to observe their “Big Reds”, but we will look at them more on Friday and compare them to some nightcrawlers. 

We also enjoyed music class with the cantor and another day outside with water play.

Thursday: Some worms are called inchworms. We talked in our meeting time about measurement, and what tools we can use to measure height. Using a ruler, I showed them the inches and centimeter sides. They all agreed that they were getting taller! The kids made their own inchworms out of ribbon, glue and wooden sticks. I had planned for the kids to use them in a measuring activity after lunch, but the plans changed when Lila and Eli staged a wedding, Lily served up pizza in her restaurant with Avi, and Carles and Logan created a fun new way to play with the bug game in the block area. Everyone was playing so creatively and peacefully, I just couldn’t interrupt it. Playing is the best learning anyway. 

Friday: Today, the kids will take some observational notes and drawings on the worms we study today. We will then clean up for Shabbat services, have a challah snack, and get outside before it gets too hot. We’ll end the day with some worm songs and dances, where we will stretch out and pull in, just like worms move. I’ll try to get some video to share!

A peek at next week: Our dramatic play area will change- for two weeks, it will be a campground. We will add items slowly to keep interest, with lots of literacy and numeracy around the area. I’ll also switch out the sand table for water, and the kids can explore funnels, tubes and other ways to play and build in water. We will also introduce a different pond animal each week in July! 

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda