Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Happy first week of July and Independence Day to you, Yarok families! This week we set up our new camping dramatic play area and explored some symbols of the USA.

Monday: Today, we had art class with Ms. Beth, and it was really fun to see her again. After reading a book about turtles, the kids made paper turtles using paint, paper squares, and glue.

The kids also had fun putting together some new puzzles in the room, and there is now water to explore in the sensory table.

Tuesday: With a few more props, our camping area is coming together. In our meeting time, I took notes from the kids about what props we needed, who they could pretend to be in the area and what they could do. We talked a lot about expectations for cleaning up and taking care of the materials. I say this often in my room about certain items, “they’re tools, not toys,” as a way to get them to think about some of the things as useful, but not indestructible. So far, everyone is doing their part, and I’m quite proud.

Wednesday: The tent is up! For our first day with the tent and 8 kids in the room, I think they did a good job of taking turns, as not all 8 can fit in it at once. I love the pretend fires the kids are building and the s’more making. There’s also lots of bug collecting going on. So much to do while camping!

Children also had the choice of making a flag today using red, white and blue paint. I brought in my flag from home and we counted the stars and stripes. Many of the kids knew different states for each star!

We’ve been working in our summer notebooks drawing and writing something about the USA today. 

Friday: Today, we will hopefully go outside and of course, we’ll have Shabbat services. 

A peek at next week: We will begin our study of pond animals, beginning with frogs. There are lots of baby frogs around the synagogue, so the timing is perfect. We’ll also have one more week of the camping area, and then we’ll change it to a store, which many of the kids expressed interest in having.