Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We are about halfway through summer, and Yarok is deep in explorations of camping and pond animals. This week, we paid special attention to the frog צפרדע (tsfar-day-ah).  

Monday: This morning, the preschool class joined us for the day, which was a fun treat. Together, we played around the room, went out in the garden to check the growth of our sunflowers (now 31” tall!), and enjoyed some great summer weather on the playground.

In our meeting, we talked about the words we use to make frog sounds, and then compared that to a recording of frogs croaking. It was interesting to talk about the differences with the kids.

Tuesday: We have been enjoying our teen volunteers in our room this month- a few of them, like Raleigh and Yetta, like to draw with the kids. They are inspiring and give the kids lots of ideas for art and book making.

Today, I put out some paper fish with paper clips and magnetic fishing poles to the camping area, as well as some waterfalls in the water sensory table. Lots of great learning through play happening all around the room.

We read some facts about frogs, including their life cycle, and introduced our frog puppet, tsfardayah, to the class. There was a bit of talk about sleepovers today during sharing time, so I began to read a few of my books about sleepovers, beginning with my all-time favorite, Ira Sleeps Over.

Wednesday: After a fun music class with guest teacher, Rabbi Crimmings, I led the kids in a little drawing session to make frog portraits. Using crayons and circle-motions, which most kids this age can do, they each drew a little frog. The pictures turned out great and are framed above their cubbies. Many kids continued to make them on their own, adding more details. We read a book today called A Frog Thing, in which a frog decides it wants to fly. It’s a good message about persistence and also about helping others with the skills we already have.

Thursday: Today we had a special class with the preschool and guest teacher Ms. Suzie who told a story about teddy bears and Shabbat. It was fun to get out of our classroom and do something different in the morning.

Afterwards, we had a great time playing on the playground. Many kids have found baby toads hopping around, and there is also a bigger green tree frog camping out in a plastic steering wheel on the climbing structure. (Sorry, no pictures- I didn’t have my camera outside). During story time today, I read another book about a frog called I Don’t Want To Be a Frog.  In this book, the frog lists all the negative things about his species, but it has a twist at the end, in which the frog realizes those very traits can also be considered desirable. Another good lesson in loving who you are. 

Friday: Today after services, we will have some frog games inside and on the playground to finish our week. 

A peek at next week: We will learn more about turtles with books, crafts, and games. Our water table will have lots of tubes and connectors for budding engineers to build. Also, our camping area will change into a store, by popular demand! 


Ms. Amanda