Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

This week, we explored concepts in building with tubes and connectors in the water table, all about turtles during our meetings and story times, and retail in our very own Target store.

We also introduced a new sprinkler to our water play. The preschool teachers and I had noticed that our sprinkler for this summer wasn’t really providing a way to fill up the kids’ buckets like the one from previous summers. Pouring is such a great way to learn, but the flip side is filling. Without a way to replenish their buckets, our water tables were dry within minutes of being outside. So, enter the new sprinkler, with little tubes for multiple users to fill to their heart’s content. I think the big kids really liked it! 

Monday: After a peaceful morning of painting, water play in the sensory table, and some dungeon building in the construction area, the kids visited Ms. Beth for art class. They made some paper suns by threading yarn and painting- great fine motor work.

We stayed indoors for recess today because of the dangerous heat advisory and many kids played “Duck, Duck, Goose/Grey Duck” with Ms. Maddie. Maya was a particularly kind teacher of the game to Grayson, which made me so proud.

Tuesday: Our Target store was almost up and running, but we were missing labels to know where to put items when stocking the shelves. I often print my own labels in the room to help kids know where to put things during clean up, but this time, I asked the kids if they would help me by making some of the labels themselves. They really stepped up! We had labels for the pony shelf, bags, birds, rainbow blocks, food boxes, art supplies, and monster trucks. Eli made a multi-label for every section of the store, and Asher made a store sign with hours and an Open/Closed reversible sign. Not only was this a fun literacy and art activity, but they are also taking ownership of the space.

Wednesday: After music class, we met our newest turtle puppet named Tsav. Eli P. had lots to say about turtles, because he has a pet turtle himself. We learned about the life cycle of sea turtles, and read a book about a little turtle that lost its way, only to end up right where it needed to be in the end. Gotta love a happy ending! We got outside for about thirty minutes before it began to rain, so we moved our recess indoors. I caught a few fuzzy shots of three of our PreK’rs discovering they were big enough to leap over the safety cones: they were having a blast!

In our Target store, the kids began using their name cards (just something for them to reference when they want, whenever they want) as credit cards for payment. I love watching them talk about the alphabet, number lines, and the right/left hand placement while playing with the cards; the learning is everywhere.

Thursday: After a quiet morning playing Jenga, building with blocks and water tubes, and drawing, we talked in class today about how animals can be our friends and maybe even friends with each other. I read a book about Owen and Mzee, an orphaned hippo and a 130-year old tortoise who have seemed to develop an unlikely friendship. After lunch, the kids wrote a new page in their summer workbooks drawing any two animals they wished (or more) that could be friends. 

Friday: Joy of joys, today Eli will bring his pet turtle, Freckles, for an extended show-and-tell! His parents will help set Freckles up and explain the expectations and needs related to Freckles. I expect the kids will be so excited to watch him walk around, eat, and maybe even sleep.  We will cap off our day with some clay-play making turtles or other squishy shapes, then let it dry over the weekend to paint next week.

A peek at next week: All about ducks, and hopefully the weather will cool off a bit so we can take a walk to the pond without melting in the humidity.  If the Target store is still fun, we’ll add some new elements to it. Or, the kids may decide to scrap it altogether and make either a mermaid beach or a ninja hideout, as both ideas are on our list! 


Ms. Amanda