Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

And then there was one. One more month of summer, one more month of spending my days with some of the most fabulous kids before they head off to kindergarten. I plan to make the most of the days we all have left together, including the fun we had this week in PreK learning about spiders! 

But first: a few pictures of our mucky mess play last Friday. A mixture of cornstarch, water, and brown liquid watercolor really made some kids’ sensory dreams come true. We even made some soapy baths for the ducks afterwards. So fun.

Monday: Today we introduced the idea of spiders and played a game with a sticky web on a hula hoop and some black spider pom-poms.

The kids had a mostly mellow day, building puzzles on their own or in pairs, making cards, reading books, and measuring the room. 

Tuesday: Today, the kids had the choice to make some pom-pom spiders to take home- not super realistic, but cute.

We read a nonfiction book about spiders, how they grow, their habitats, and the purposes of their webs. They already knew a lot about spiders, but I think they learned more!

During work time, the kids worked on coloring bug pictures and building their own toys. Phillip took time to learn the game Set. It’s an attribute skills game, and really fun: I highly recommend it for your family (you don’t need the junior edition: just the regular Set).

Later at lunchtime, I read a fictional folktale from Ghana about Anansi the Spider, who has six helpful sons with different “superpowers”- the kids, who love superheroes, really loved the book. Many colored pictures from the story after lunch.

Wednesday: During exploring time today, the kids could choose from some spidery activities like building webs with string in baskets and painting with plastic spiders, both fine motor skill builders.

During snack time, the kids watched me put together our spider soup- something designed just for the wonder of the experience. First I added Spider Meat (condensed chicken noodle soup) into the pot, followed by Spider Webs (dried pasta) and Spider Juice (broth). After a little time in the slow cooker, some brave souls tried it out during lunch. Of course, they figured out that it was chicken soup, but we had so many laughs trying to convince Mr. Benny and Ms. Rebecca that it really was made out of spiders! 

Thursday: This morning, the kids participated in a guided drawing exercise of a spider web. First, I showed them how to make the lines to divide the page vertically, horizontally and then diagonally. Then we discussed how to draw a spiral before they drew their own. Once the web was drawn, they were turned loose with glue to follow their lines. After an application of sand and glitter, they had a nice little keepsake complete with a tiny spider stuck on their web. 

Also in the room, I marked off an area for a group of chairs. Did you know that this is a proven way to get kids playing together? They will instantly take a road trip, especially if you add a box of old maps by the chairs. What fun! 

Friday: Today, we will use some plastic gutters and aluminum foil to make some rivers and waterways for our spiders and other pond animals outside during recess. We’ll also paint some summer scenes by mixing liquid watercolor on watercolor paper using primary colors. Just a few more Shabbat Fridays left before summer’s end! 

A peek at next week: We begin our final unit of the summer focusing on the atmosphere and beyond- a look at our weather, clouds, the solar system, and space exploration. I can’t wait! 


Ms. Amanda