Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We kept it light this week of summer, as we had discussions and activities about rockets. Lots of movement to distract us from the room, which has lost some of its character now that the art has been taken down. I know that your families will stay in touch with the friends made here, even as some are moving up and onward from our program. Honestly, it’s probably harder on me, as a teacher, than it’s been on your kids this week! 

Monday: Build your own rocket! The kids used paper tubes and tape to make a creative station for rocket building. We talked about what we already knew about rockets too. In addition, we made fruit rockets before our snack time. Using strawberries, raspberries and bananas, the kids made designs and then gobbled them up. We had a fun day! 

Tuesday: Today we made straw rockets. These little rockets use the force of air. (We’ve been talking about force all week.) They illustrate Newton’s first law of motion; the paper rocket won’t move unless you blow on the attached straw.

We also celebrated Avi’s upcoming 5th birthday with his mom and some yummy treats. Thank you!

Because of the rain, we stayed inside for recess and the kids were pumped to play superheroes because of our theme day. It was fun to see them running around, coming together for group cheers, and playing games together.

Wednesday: In the morning, the kids had the choice to make a picture with paper squares and glue, always a calming activity to plan and then execute.

Later, we made water rockets to prove the second law of motion; the harder the force, the greater the acceleration. Using a toilet paper roll for the body, a muffin liner for the top, and foil to cover and slightly waterproof it, we made a lightweight rocket perfect for launching with the force of water from a garden hose. Ms. Talya took a few photos for which I’m quite grateful. This was a very fun activity, and easy to make at home. 

Thursday: Today, we had some balloon rocket demonstrations that illustrate Newton’s third law of motion. You thread a straw through a long string, tie up the string in a taut line. Tape a full balloon onto the straw, and let the balloon go. Which direction will the balloon travel? Some kids weren’t sure, and some predicted the balloon would travel in the same direction as the balloon’s opening. Surprise! The balloon travels opposite the opening, showing that for every force, there is an equal and opposite force. During our last show-and-tell day, we were joined by Emmett, Isaac, and Vivi, who will all be joining our class in September!

Today was Lily’s last day, and we celebrated with some mini-donuts and ballet music at the end of class. 

Friday: If the weather stays dry, we will try for another rocket demonstration, using gas from an alka-seltzer as an accelerator. This is more closely linked to how actual rockets boost spaceships into space. We will talk about our favorite PreK memories and make autograph pages for our friends to sign and take home. 

A reminder that we have no school next week. Please take all your extra clothes, artwork, and everything else home. The teachers will be attending development workshops and our rooms will be cleaned and refreshed for school beginning back after Labor Day. Good luck to our new kindergartners; we will miss you! Come back and visit soon. To those coming back to PreK, I can’t wait to greet you with a clean room and a fresh start to the fall. 


Ms. Amanda