Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We had another fun week in the Yarok room learning through play. We are focusing on the letter B and also on rams and sheep- two similar animals who have horns that can be made into shofars. 

Monday: Today, the kids worked cooperatively together to build different ramps for toy cars. It was neat to see them move through problem solving and ideas about how to use the ramp. So much learning!

The kids also created a small book about the letter A. 

Tuesday: During our meeting, we learned about the letter Bb and the sounds it makes. We learned that you can’t make a “buh” sound with your lips apart- try it! We started a list of all the words they kids knew with a b sound. It’s so fun to see the kid’s light switch come on when they realize this kid of reading is like a game that they can play! Later, I told a story about how the shofar came to be the announcing tool for Rosh Hashanah using pictures on a felt board. The kids can retell the story again and again. 

Wednesday: After a fun music class in which all the teachers led a few songs, we read some books during snack that showed how sheep farmers shear sheep. Farmers have tough jobs! After snack, we pretended to be farmers and sheared our balloon sheep using cool whip instead of wool. The kids had a blast, so it was worth all the clean up time for me!

After lunch, the kids worked on another little book about the letter B.

Thursday: Today, Ms. Beth will be teaching my class as I’m in Dallas for a long weekend. The focus will again be on farm animals and sheep. The kids will have the opportunity to make a sensory picture of a sheep as well as a small book about the farm. They may play with the nursery rhymes “Mary had a little lamb”, “baa baa black sheep” and follow the leader.

Friday: Ms. Sarah is the guest teacher today. The kids will go to services, make paper shofars, and have lots of time for games and songs. 

A peek at next week: we will learn about the letter C and also about bees, which make the honey to go with our apples for Rosh Hashanah. 


Ms Amanda