Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

We made it through January, and it seems like the months are going to go a bit more quickly as we head towards Pre-K graduation in May. We wrapped up January with lots of open-ended projects, learning about the letter Q, and great lessons about accidents in school in which someone gets accidentally hurt by another student. 

Monday: Today, we had a fun art class with Ms. Beth as the kids made snow clouds. Lots of fine motor skill building with paint and glue. They are hanging up in the hallway just past the stairs and are so dreamy!

Back in our classroom, I took out the tree crafting supplies from Friday again, and the kids made some cool trees and decorations. Also, we began talking a little about this week’s letter Q and began our class list.

Tuesday: This morning, the kids decorated some pots with Sharpies (a favorite) and then they planted some parsley and alfalfa sprout seeds in soil. These seeds will take longer to sprout in our classroom, but we’ll take care of them for the next two months, watching them grow.

As for our bean seeds, some are already sprouting, and it’s great to monitor the progress.

Q is our letter of the week, and we learned quickly (see how I did that?) that lower-case q looks a lot like lower-case g. Tricky little letters need letter detectives, and I implored them to look so closely when we check our messages and books.

Wednesday: Today we had another fun music class with Ms. Shana, singing great songs about trees. I had planned to do a drawing of a chickadee today, but that changed when I saw how well kids were playing together, building offices, cars and airplanes, and creating a pet shop for adopting animals. It was so creative and there were so many great conversations and examples of social interaction, that I felt like the gift would be to let it continue. 

Thursday: This morning I brought a cooperative game to class called Seeds for the Birds. There is no way a player can win- you just play and see if the birds or the squirrel get the most seeds. After so many games with the pressure of being the winner (or trying not to be the loser), this game is refreshing and relaxing to for preschoolers to play.

I also brought out some stamps for free form play. I love how some of the kids told stories with their stamp sheets, others stamped their name or spelled out the animals, and others challenged themselves to make multi-colored stamps.

In our meeting, we talked about recognizing our different coins. I gave them a big stack of coins and in pairs, they sorted them and counted them up. It’s not an expectation that they know the value of coins in PreK, but it’s good exposure.

Friday: Today I will have a guided drawing of the chickadee in the morning for those that choose to draw one. We’ll go to services upstairs, and have our snack. We have show and tell today, and hopefully we’ll go outside in the snow. In the afternoon, we’ll revisit our seed books and make a new drawing of the seeds as they are beginning to sprout. 

A peek at next week: New month, new dramatic play area- a dentist’s office! I’ll change up the kitchen a little and we’ll examine our stuffed animal pets in our pet dental clinic. We’ll focus on caring for our mouths and healthy food, make some healthy treats for ourselves and for the birds outside, and learn about the letter Rr too! 

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda