Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

This week in the Yarok room we had fun with the letter P, investigating trees, and learning about similarities and differences in relation to feelings.

Last Friday: I took some pictures of the kids playing in the snow I brought inside and wanted to share with you. They had a blast!

Monday: On Monday, we had a special art class when Ms. Beth led us in cookie decorating.

Combined with pajama day, the day had a very “Sunday Funday” feel going on. The kids built with blocks for every free play period they had, using concepts of teamwork, great conversation building skills, spatial relations, symmetry, and artistic design in their own play.

Tuesday: This morning, the kids wanted to make Stone Soup like the book, so we needed a big bowl to accomodate all that went into it. It’s such a great literacy skill to remember the story and then look back to the book to “read the pictures” to retell it. They looked closely at the ingredients, making sure to add “tulips” (turnips) to the soup.

We introduced the letter P, a great letter with a sound that is easily recognizable. The only tricky part of P is that it looks so much like “d” and “b” if you aren’t looking closely. We constructed these letters with some magnet letter builders to play around with the letters.

Later, the kids planted some bean seeds in cotton balls in order for us to monitor how a seed grows. “Why do you always make us write our own names on stuff?” Lila asked me. Sneaky, I guess! 

Wednesday: Today we had another great music class with Ms. Shana. In our classroom, the kids played dress up with bird wing costumes, drew pictures of trees for display in our room, and played together with playmobil and blocks.

In our secondstep lesson, we examined a photo with a story of two kids riding a tricycle- one looked really happy while the other looked scared. You can feel differently about something from your friends- such a good thing to learn and think about. Learning about feelings helps kids be smarter about their own minds and enables them to build empathy towards others.

Thursday: In class today, we talked about a winter bird in Minnesota that relies on trees, the cardinal. Using books and a stuffed animal with a cardinal birdcall, the kids got familiar with the cardinal. Later, most kids joined me to make a picture of this bird following my directions, a great listening skill builder. I’m saving these pictures as we’ll at least one bird each week to make a winter bird book to take home when complete.

I’m really proud of their work, but it’s totally okay with me if they don’t choose to do this. I can observe their listening skills, as well as drawing and coloring in other ways too.  We also read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss today- a wonderful book.

Friday: Today, Ms. Beth will be teaching our class. The kids will continue to talk about trees by making tree crafts out of paper. Anything goes with their imagination the only limit. The kids will also have show and tell, services upstairs, and hopefully get outside again in the snow. 

A peek at next week: We will plant some parsley and sprout seeds in soil this week to continue our seed study, the letter Qq, the bluejay, and more focus on songs about trees.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda