Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

This week in the Yarok class was all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Classic fairy tales like this one lend themselves to discussions in preschool about the Jewish value of kavod, or respect. Goldilocks is an adventurous girl, but she doesn’t use her manners. She shouldn’t go into their house, the kids have told me each day. She should’ve just gone home! They are also fun to act out and reinterpret. While building vocabulary and pre-reading skills, we were able to hit on mathematical ideas about size, weight, and length. The children also used STEM concepts to build a sturdy toy chair.

Monday: I asked the kids if they knew the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  I read a traditional version of the story and told them we would be reading more versions as the week went on. I also brought out lego buckets for building play, a Hanukkah bingo game, and we all worked on making our Hanukkah gift for the toddler room.

Tuesday: Lego building was very popular this morning. Everyone helped to complete our shape sorter toys for the toddlers. We also learned about the letter M and began making a list of M words.

Wednesday:  Today, as a choice, each child could make their own PreK-locks person. Along with the house and bears, they are fun props to retell the story. I hope your child shows them to you.

We also had music class with Rabbi Crimmings, always fun.

We began our music class with a fun gift exchange. We hope the todds like our gift. We received a fun pyramid bowling game made out of cups with art from the infants, which is sweet and fun to play!

Thursday: The main excitement today was the introduction of props to retell the Bears story with the kids as actors. So much fun!

We also played with some new magnet toys which proved very popular, so while they were playing, they were also learning patience and compromise in sharing a limited number of toys.

We also worked on a collaborative poster, a “retell road” of the Goldilocks story. 

Friday: Today, our senses will be involved in the fairy tale when we make porridge! We will talk about how to change the story so that Goldilocks offers to help fix her mistakes. Later in the morning, the kids will help Goldilocks make a chair that is strong enough to hold her or any bear from the family.  A great engineering activity!

A peek at next week: Enjoy your break! When we return, we will have a full January of learning about trees and Tu B’Shevat, snow, and animals in the winter, along with a new dramatic play area for the kids to explore.  


Ms. Amanda