Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shalom, Yarok families! This bitterly cold, but beautifully snowy week was spent mostly indoors learning about bears and Chanukah.

Monday: Today, we had art class with Ms. Beth and made some penguins using cut paper and glitter paint.

In our room, the kids explored the Hanukkah items that were added, and we talked about the letter Ll. Even with only three kids on a Monday, they came up with about 20 “L” words. Impressive!

Tuesday:  Our water sensory table has been popular this week with bubbles. I try to add a few more choices each day to keep the interest up, like waterfalls, funnels and foam sheets for boats.

We learned about the letter L and quickly complied a lengthy list of L words, about 50 strong! In small groups, I had the kids work with me to make little books with pages of letters they could write on their own. L is a letter many can write with success, and many chose that as well as letters from their name. I kept the books so that we can add to them.

Wednesday: What do we know about bears? We came up with our own list and read a book with bear facts. Our “infant room” play area is still getting lots of use. If you haven’t sent me a picture (digital works best) of your child as an infant, please do so. I’d like to hang them up in January, and the kids love seeing them and saying which baby face is which. They seriously were the cutest babies ever!  

Thursday: This morning was a peaceful one as the kids spread out to create some houses and habitats for some forest animals introduced today.

In our meeting and with books, we talked about Chanukah.

We played the dreidel game too: your kids are really great at twirling dreidels, even on carpet. 

Friday: While I am gone today, Ms. Beth will teach the class. Ms. Beth will read the book Bear Snores On, a fun book about a hibernating bear. With some visual aids to help with sequencing the story, the kids can retell it later on a magnet board. As a craft extension, the kids have a choice of making a sleeping bear as well as a bear den. They will also have show-and-tell today, which continues to be a favorite, as well as Special Person Shabbat.

A peek at next week: It’s all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week as we read different versions, try to build the perfect chair, and take a Jewish values approach to the story about humility and making amends. Always a fun week right before our winter break! 


Ms. Amanda