Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Happy December! This week we shared fun times playing outside on our snow-covered playground. Thank you, parents, for providing such nice winter gear for your kids every day. The kids are so good at getting on their own gear too.

This week in class we learned about the letter K, our sense of taste and touch, and more discussions about numbers.

Monday: Today, the kids helped me set up our “home” dramatic play center. Then, they played with blocks, building towers, shapes and letters. Maya returned to the scented “tea powder” to mix up some more creations.

We got outside to make the first tracks in the snowy playground too!

Tuesday: The room was busy today. In our meeting, we learned about the letter K and the fact that it makes the same sound as the letter C. Some of the kids are really into calling out words that begin with the sound, but this week was harder because lots of the “kuh” words they would call out to me were “C” words, like cot, curious, cave, candy, etc. Each time it would happen, I would make a “C” with my hand, and we would laugh. This word/sound play is showing me how many connections are being made by your kids in their brains to reading; it’s very exciting. 

Wednesday: Today our baby nursery opened. Maya and Lila took to it right away. Even though we don’t have cribs, they just used their imaginations and made cribs out of pillows. I’m sure the area will evolve over time with more adaptations. I’m also sure that the boys will follow soon, as everyone has caretaker tendencies inside.

In our meeting and at snack, we talked more about our sense of taste.

We read a book about the ways we can taste and how we do it with taste buds on our tongue. Then, I had the kids explore a few foods using all their senses, if they wanted, and we sorted them into types of tastes: sweet (grape, marshmallow), sour (small piece of lemon), salty (Wheat Thin cracker), savory (Havarti cheese), and bitter (baker’s chocolate). At lunch, the kids shared what types of foods they had in their own lunches. 

Thursday: Do you know about numbers? “Numbers are important.” “They help me count things.” “I know 1 plus 1.” “I know 1 and 4 and 2.”

We learned a fun game today in our meeting that helps teach the concept of greater or less than, but the extra benefit is that it reinforces number recognition. It’s basically “20 questions” but with a number from 0-10. After each guess of a number, the leader moves a magnet to show their number is either bigger or smaller than the guess. I call it “Monster Squeeze”, because the magnet monsters are munching towards the right number. Very fun to play, and the kids can play it with or without me. 

Friday: Today in class we will explore our sense of touch using a mystery box to block out our sense of sight. We’ll read a few books about touch, and then the kids will have the opportunity to craft something or collage using scraps of material in different textures. 

A peek at next week: We will learn about the letter Ll, begin learning about Chanukah with books, activities, songs and games.

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda