Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

This week the Yarok Prek’rs explored their sense of smell with lots of books and activities. We also learned about the letter Jj, and were treated to some nice mild weather for most of the week, perfect for getting outside.  I enjoyed meeting with all of you for conferences this week and last. 

Monday:  Can smells change? Today, the kids helped to chop different types of apples, and they mixed a flour and oatmeal crumble to make apple crisp. We smelled the ingredients before and after baking to compare the scents. They all ate lots of apple pieces as they chopped them. Only Maya tried what we baked, but she said she liked it! 

Tuesday: Ms. Marnie was here today, and she brought two more puzzles for our room. The kids spread them out on our carpet and had a puzzle party.

Marko continued to build on a tube sculpture he began yesterday; it really grew!

We talked about the letter Jj in our meeting, and our list of “j” words got lengthy in a jiffy. Maya and Lila made some lists of J words- very exciting.  I introduced the book I Stink! at reading time today, and it was an immediate hit. PreK’s love to have permission to laugh at stinky things in school! We learned a little about how we smell, molecules, nerves, and the connections to our brains.

Wednesday: In our meeting today, we learned about our nose and how we smell. Then, each child was able to take a sniff test while their eyes were closed, to try to guess what it was. There was a fresh orange peel, fresh lemon, toothpaste, onion, challah, baby oil, coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate.. It was a lot of fun, and luckily Ms. Sarah stopped by our room and took a few pictures for me. Thanks, Ms. Sarah!

In the afternoon, Sammy decided to make a tube sculpture too, and then Marko and he decided, with Emmett and Isaac’s help, to combine the two into one giant piece of art.  It’s hanging up in our room for now.

Thursday: Today, the kids explored their sense of smell by making scented playdough and paint. We ripped apart a bouquet of flowers and with some other spices, they ground them with a mortar and pestle, then added them to their paint or playdough (or both!).  Our room smelled like a flower garden, and the kids got some very good sensory experience, as well as learning about how different flowers feel and the action of grinding. It took a while to clean up what we created, but it was worth it.  

Friday: We will make scented play “tea” bags. This is traditionally a very fun activity, as the kids have lots of choice. Many colored loose teas (baking soda, scent, and color) can be put into coffee filters and formed into tea bags. The best part for the kids is choosing the colors, and the best part for me is all the writing that goes on when they create the tea bag tags. During lunch, we will also have some chocolate “tea” (hot cocoa) as a special treat.

A peek at next week: Eli’s birthday is next week! We will explore our sense of taste with taste tests and cooking projects, talk about Thanksgiving as it relates to peace in the home and kindness towards others, and learn about cause and effect by reading silly books about a mouse and a cookie. 

(In preparation for some explorations about babies in December, please email me a baby picture or two of your child for me to post on the wall. The kids absolutely love seeing pictures of themselves as babies. Just 1 or 2 digital photos will be great, thanks in advance.)

L’hitraot, Ms. Amanda