Yarok Room ירוק (Pre-K)

Shalom, Yarok families. This week we planned to talk about our sense of hearing, play a little music, open a bakery, and learn about the letter Ii. We did all that, but I’m most impressed with the acts of kindness I’ve seen in kids toward each other. The Jewish value of kindness is the entire school’s selected value of the month. I’m observing so many kids asking to join in play, accepting others into their play, taking turns, and remembering to ask for a turn. So proud to be able to spend the days with your kids!

Here’s a short analysis of the other parts of our week:

Monday: Lots of musical instruments around the room began a week somewhat on the noisy side, but what a joyful noise! During art class, the children created a giant Yarok sheet with finger paints, which will be hung in the big room to brighten it up during our colder days of the winter.

Tuesday: We introduced the letter Ii, which as another vowel, has more than one sound. It’s not as easy to name “i” words, but it is easy to recognize them. Some of the kids mentioned that our message had an upside-down “i” in it. Yes! An exclamation point! So, I got in a little extra punctuation lesson too.  Quite a few kids have this letter in their name too.

During our SecondStep lesson, we examined a photo of a boy who looks happy. Looking closely at his face, the kids noticed details that show how his face seems happy. Being able to read people’s faces helps kids recognize feelings and develop empathy.

Wednesday: Today, I set out our chimes along with a song that the children could “read” and play. Many of them tried it out. I’m happy to say that four children even wrote their own songs! It’s exciting to see them read the song and play it, going from left to right. 

We talked about our ears and our sense of hearing,and how sounds moves in waves. We had fun during lunch listening to ourselves chew when I showed the kids that if they cupped their hands over their ears, their chewing would seem louder. Anyone do that at home this week? 🙂 

Thursday: During our meeting today, the kids all participated in a listening activity with environmental sounds (baseball game, swimming pool, wolf howling, thunderstorm, etc) on a CD. The kids practiced listening carefully and raising their hands when they had an idea of the sound. We then read a book at snack called The Listening Walk, in which a girl takes a walk without talking, so she can notice all the sounds around her. After reading it, we became intent listeners and heard crunching and drinking sounds of snacktime, as well as our building’s circulation system humming along. 

I added an empty sugar container, coffee bag, and butter box. All this “environmental print” helps with keeping our dramatic play area feel authentic. If you have any empty containers that pertain to baking, please send them in!

Friday: During exploring time, children will have a choice to make a sound shaker using different materials. We will also have services with the Rabbis. Today, we’ll also be playing instruments along with some of our welcome and goodbye songs, and we’ll talk about rhythm. We will brainstorm ideas for a class kindness project to work on next week- I’m thinking along the lines of friendship necklaces or pins, but I’ll let the kids give their ideas and let you know.

A peek at next week: I hope to see everyone as we explore our sense of smell. We’ll have scent contests, make pretend aromatic tea, and have a tea party too. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, for sure! We’ll also learn about the letter Jj and continue our exploration of kindness.


Ms. Amanda