Tzahov Room

Hello again so soon. This mini-week has sure flown by.

We are feeling grateful right now for all of your lovable, snuggly, funny, quirky (in the best possible way) babies. They fill our days with precious moments and smiles.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it, there is a gratitude wall growing day by day in the preschool hallway. Please add something you are grateful for onto a post it note and place it with the others. Not only are we creating it for our own experience, we are also modeling gratitude to our children. The babies don’t understand yet, but they will before you know it. I really believe teaching kids gratitude is the key to their later happiness in life. Gratitude for little everyday things as well as big stuff.

The babies made footprint turkeys as gifts for you all this week. Please look for yours in your child’s cubby. While making them they got to experience the sensation of putting their feet on a cold, wet stamp pad. Some tolerated it better than others. They all turned out super cute though!