Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Welcome back Tzahov Families. A special welcome to Thea and parents, Adam and Galina, who joined our family. Also welcome to Miss Greta, she did amazing with the babies!

We can’t believe summer is over and we are diving right into fall, which is also our theme for the month, Fall Fun. Our room has been decorated with new streamers, as well as a new Velcro board with fall leaves and acorns.

We also added a window display of a leaf pile with the babes pictures popping out and hiding in the leaves.

The value of the month is Achrayut, which means responsibility. In the baby room, we are teaching the value of personal responsibility. Two important rules which we are practicing are to be safe and kind. You might hear us say, “feet on floor” or “gentle touch.”

This week, we sang new songs that highlight falling leaves and apples. The babies were excited to hear the new songs and mimic the motions that go with the songs. Look for the song lyrics in the blog photos so you can also enjoy singing them at home!

All the babes enjoyed story time when Miss Sarah read an oversized book with a catchy beat and lively illustrations called, “We’re Going On a Leaf Hunt”. We are always so amazed at their ability to focus during story or music time.

An activity the babies continuously request is bubble time. They love to watch and catch the bubbles as they slowly fall to the ground.  Other highlights included building and knocking down towers, shaking and rolling our new fall color sensory bottles and pushing cars. One special new toy added to the classroom is a musical turtle. These babes sure do know how to dance and can teach us some great moves.

We will wrap up the week with Shabbat, more bubbles and story time with another fall book highlighting Winnie the Pooh.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Hannah