Tzahov Room צהוב & Katom Room כתום (Infants)

We hope everyone got their fill of Turkey and enjoyed time with family and friends. This month our value is Kavod meaning respect for others. To emphasize this concept we will teach the babies through puppets and stories how we show respect to others.

This week we introduced the babies to our December theme, Winter Wonderland. With a new theme comes new books, songs and props. Books we read this week include, That’s not my Penguin, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and Little Wings Penguin. It is never difficult catching the littles attention when new books come out. They all gather to be at the very front so they can touch the books.

In addition to reading, we introduced new songs, which include, “Five Little Snowmen”, “I’m a Little Snowman” and “Whirling Snowflakes”. The lyrics to these songs are posted below so you can sing them at home.

Other favorites, non theme related, included “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, Wheels on the Bus” and “Mr. Sun”. It is amazing to watch as the babies recognize the movements to the songs and mimic them.
The Velcro board was updated with snowflakes to coincide with our theme. Whenever the velcro board changes, the babies flock to it to check it out. They are always intrigued by the new shapes and colors.

A new playhouse/ igloo is under construction. Next week the babies will help decorate it by making foot print penguins and hand print polar bears.
The Jewish Holiday of Chanukah starts the evening of the 23rd. We have lots of books and a plush menorah to help teach about this fun, festive holiday. We even started to prepare this week in music with Cantor Schwartz by singing songs about potato latkes and the candles on the menorah.

Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi, Miss Rosie and Miss Hannah