Tzahov Room צהוב & Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday, Tzahov and Katom families!

Welcome Hannah, who joined the Katom room this month! We’ve loved getting to know her. And happy birthday to Edith, who turned one on August 12!

We’ve had so much fun this month with our August theme, We Love the Earth! Some things we’ve done include a coffee filter art project where the babies used blue and green dot dots to create their own earths. The babes have also had lots of fun playing with paper, cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, and other containers. Recycled materials make great toys!

During circle time, we’ve been singing some fun songs about recycling and saving the earth. Please see the attached photo for the lyrics! We’ve also been singing many of our old favorites, some of which have hand motions to accompany the words. The babies are really starting to mimic the movements and get involved. Puppet and books are always popular activities during circle time , especially books with fun textures and sounds.

One of the ways we’ve tried to stay cool is by introducing the babies to ice pops. The babes love pushing the ice cubes around in the high chair and sucking on the cubes.

One cooler, breezy days we’ve been enjoying going for walks outside. The babies love the change of scenery and the teachers love the time outside.

This summer we’ve been so lucky to have some amazing aides in our classrooms. The babes love interacting and playing with them and they are so helpful around the room. With summer coming to a close, four of our aides will be moving on and returning to high school and college. Thank you Miss Clara, Miss Skyler, Miss Corrine, and Miss Samantha for everything you’ve done. The babies and the teachers will all miss you so much and we wish you the best of luck at school!

We hope you have a fun and relaxing week off and we can’t wait to see you in September. Next month with bring lots of new babies to our classrooms and well as our new theme- animals! If you have pets at home and haven’t already sent us a picture, please do as we have a fun activity planned with them!

Miss Rosie, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, and Miss Tira