Tzahov Room צהוב & Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday Tzahov and Katom families. We are excited to announce the reopening of Katom and to welcome baby Tatum and baby Leo to our Bet Shalom family. We are also sad to say goodbye to Thea who graduated to the toddler room yet we are excited for her new experiences.

The theme this month is We Love Our Earth. Some plans include new songs that focus on recycling and taking care of our Earth. We have books that emphasize our world and we will be doing art with coffee filters and dot dot markers to represent Earth. 

These past few weeks we have had a lot of fun on the mat and sitting and observing our new little ones. Circle time with books and music are always a hit with the babes. Two of our go to favorites are Five Little Ducks and Wheels on the Bus!

As our babes are developing new motor skills. It’s fun to see the ways they interact with the large toys. They will climb on, in, and through anything! The teachers make great climbing obstacles, as well. 

Looking forward to next week, we will crack out the hula skirts and floral shirts, it’s Hawaiian dress up day on Wednesday. It’s also Edith’s first birthday! 

We hope you all enjoy your weekend. Stay safe.

Warmly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, Miss Rosie, Miss Tira