Tzahov Room צהוב & Katom Room כתום (Infants)

What a fun week it’s been wrapping up our family theme. Our Bet Shalom Yeladim families are so important to us. Honoring the fathers this past week, we hope you all enjoyed your special project.

Fancy schmancy day was a success. We loved seeing the babes in their adorable outfits. Painting their nails was entertaining and oh so pretty.

A couple of the babes were able to participate in the butterfly release from the preschool. They were very interested. It was entertaining for the teachers to see the look of amazement on the babies faces as the saw these beautiful butterflies fly into the sky.

During playtime, we had a lot of impromptu music sessions where the teachers sang and danced their hearts out and they babes laughed and smiled at us. It is so much fun to see all the different reactions from the babies.

We hope everyone has a lovely and restful weekend. Stay safe!

Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi, Miss Hannah and Miss Rosie