Tzahov Room צהוב & Katom Room כתום (Infants)

A big hearty welcome to baby Ruth and her mom and dad. We loved getting to know Ruthie this week and are happy to welcome her to our Tzahov and Katom family.

This week was black and white week.

We started out on Monday by playing with all black and white toys.

We also did an art project sticking striped black and white tissue paper to contact paper. Many of our babes were able to do this on their own while others needed some assistance.

During group time we looked at black and white pictures and told a story about each animal. It was so cute listening to our emergent talkers mimic the animal sounds.

The Target basket was filled (and dumped) many times with Oreo type cookies and eggs. The babes sure love filling and dumping!!

The igloo was a popular hangout spot this week. Playing peek a boo through the window was a favorite activity. Our non mobile babies also enjoyed it by watching the babies crouch down and pop up with big smiles. Smiles all around!!

On Wednesday, we brought in the climbing equipment and practiced large motor skills. We also had fun driving the cars up the ramp and watching them zoom down, emphasizing the opposites of up and down.

More large motor time was spent in the big room on Thursday. The big space is wonderful for echos and hearing everyone’s loud voices. We all enjoyed the different environment!

Other fun activities this week were bubble time, an indoor stroll through the building, and group music time!

Next week, we will focus on this month’s Jewish value of Oheve et HaBriyot ( loving all creatures). We will bring out big and little animals to use as props during group story and music time and a variety of stuffed animals to snuggle.

We hope your weekend is filled with lots of love and snuggles.

Warmly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, Miss Rosie, Miss Hannah