Tzahov Room צהוב & Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Friday to everyone! Happy Birthday to Asher and Half Birthday to Edith!

This week our focus has been on loud and soft noises, as well as the opposites of on and off.

To demonstrate loud and soft noises, we brought out our sensory bottles for the babes to shake. They enjoyed shaking the bells, beads and buttons, but we’re not as interested in playing with the bottles that had objects that didn’t make noise. They love hearing all the different sounds, especially the loud ones.

In addition to sensory bottles, the babes played with different instruments that made a variety of noises. As much fun as they have making loud noises, the teachers much prefer the opposite. We also enjoyed singing our opposite songs during group time.

The words on and off have been used frequently this week as we teach putting the sleep sack on, taking sleep sack off, putting the diaper on, taking the diaper off. As we go about our day, we emphasize these words. We had quite the picnic on Wednesday when all the fruit and vegetables and dishes were brought out to play with. We practiced putting the food on the plate and taking the food off the plate.

In addition, the beloved toy house has an on/off switch that the babes can maneuver. They love switching the buttons and dancing to all the different sounds. We’ve even had some fun putting toys on our head and taking them off. The babes sure do think it’s funny.

Above our ballet bar, pictures were put up this week that demonstrate happy and sad faces. In the moment, it may seem unkind to take a picture of a crying baby, however, it’s a great tool for teaching happy and sad and the babes love to look at their own picture.

Next week, we plan to do an art project emphasizing black and white. It should be lots of fun.

And remember, the book drive is all month long. We would love to fill our bin that is outside the Tzahov door.

We hope everyone stays healthy and we will see you next week.

Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi, Miss Rosie and Miss Hannah