Tzahov Room צהוב & Katom Room כתום (Infants)

Happy Circle Week Tzahov and Katom families!

To finish out our month of shapes, we decided to focus on our favorite shape, the circle! We sang songs, read books, and played with toys that all dealt with circles. At the beginning of the week, we created a cozy place to read. We brought out plush animals and boppy pillows, and even a special green circle pillow. The babes loved snuggling up for stories.

After the babies had their fill of stories, we blew bubbles and watched them float to the ground. They love to pop the bubbles and smear their fingers where the bubbles land.

On Tuesday we celebrated Eliana’s 1st Birthday! Happy Birthday sweet girl.

The babes also did an art project where they stamped gold paint onto circles that we later scattered around the building for a treasure hunt. Not only do the babies love going for a stroll, they love looking for new and exciting objects around the building. It’s an exciting activity that really sparks joy in their day.

On Wednesday the babes had music with Miss Shana. We sang songs naming body parts in both English and Hebrew. Our mobile babies were able to get out of the stroller and dance to the music. They had a blast!

After music, the babies played on the climber, working on those large motor skills. We also practiced taking turns going through the tunnel and going down the slide.

Thursday brought group story time and block building, two of the babes favorite activities.

Friday will bring Shabbat, more books, blocks and bubbles. We hope everyone has a restful weekend.

Fondly, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi, Miss Rosie and Miss Hannah