Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)


This week was a short week yet a week full of new discoveries. On Monday, the teachers attended a teacher workshop and we were inspired to bring new ideas to the classroom.

When the babies arrived on Tuesday, they were intrigued by all the new additions to the classroom. There is a new pull up bar and mirror, a new configuration of the toy shelves, new pictures displayed, a new ball pit, and some new toys. The babes especially enjoyed the ball pit!! What fun!!

Wednesday brought SNOW, a lot of it.

On Thursday, we started working on a project that reflected this months Jewish value of re’ut (friendship). The babies are each painting (by way of Ziploc bags) or using dot dot markers to color people cut outs which will be used to create a circle of friends.

We definitely see close friendships forming. In the younger babies, it’s fun to see them reach out for each other and smile back and forth. In the older babes, we often see the baby’s whole body change to convey their excitement at the sight of their friend.

Friday brings more fun as the babies practice rolling, standing, signing, crawling, talking, and building friendships.

Stay warm and healthy, 

Ms. Heidi, Ms. Katie, and Ms. Sarah