Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy November Tzahov Families. This week was a lot of fun as we wrapped up our theme Crazy for Animals. The babes enjoyed paw prints on the floor and foam animal masks.

They also enjoyed a new felt board hanging in the classroom. A variety of sea creatures are velcroed to the board for easy manipulation. A special thank you to a parent in the preschool for donating this.

Our sea creature “pets” from last week have grown even more this week, but certainly not 600% as the package suggests. Regardless, the babies still enjoyed feeling the creatures and splashing in the water.

The beloved playhouse was switched out this week for the farmhouse. The farmhouse provides different animal themed music. Our littles loved dancing and interacting with the activities on the playhouse.

They also had an opportunity to play with the little people farm house. It’s exciting to see the babies development of making new animal sounds as the month has progressed. Mostly we’ve heard, “moo”, “neigh” and “rawr”. We are still holding out for cockadoodle doo.

In the middle of the week, jars and lids were taken out for the babes to explore. It is so entertaining for them to make soup or put small items in the jars and dump them out. Feelings of pride and accomplishment are expressed with the babies are successful when removing the lids from the jars.

When the babies aren’t exploring the room on their own, we congregate on the mat for music and story time. When the books come out, it is amazing to see how attentive and interested the littles are. They are captivated by the stories and music.

Next week, we kick off our new theme of Weather Watchers. We are looking forward to exploring articles of clothing and different weather patterns.
We hope everyone has a restful weekend.

Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi, Miss Rosie and Miss Hannah