Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy, smiling faces are joyful in the mornings. We are so grateful for our Tzahov families. This week, we played, imagined, climbed, sang, and snuggled.

Finishing the sheep art project was a goal on Monday. Be sure to check out our gallery.

Throughout the week, we have read many books. One favorite this week was How To Charm a Llama. This book is sparkly with sequins and the story is super cute. Another favorite is the Little People’s On the Farm book. The babes love seeing the animals and finding the rooster.

A new sensory item added to the classroom this week was growing sea creatures. The packaging claims that they will grow 600 percent. Like a science experiment, the babes have checked on their growth every day. They really enjoy splashing the water and feeling the slippery, slimy creatures.

We visited the big room this week and enjoyed watching the littles move all over the room. They delighted in pushing doll strollers, shopping carts, and even each other in the cozy coupe car. Our non mobile babies found pleasure playing peek a boo in the tunnel and discovering new toys to play with in the big space.

Wednesday was a cozy, snuggly pajama party. All of the soft pillows and plush toys were brought to the mat for the kids to use while lounging during circle time. Sandra Boynton’s Going to Bed Book was read many times. The babies thrive on repetition.

With the change in weather, cold season is upon us. This week, we have used a plethora of tissues and filled our garbages to the brim. We are doing our best to wash toys and sanitize surfaces often.

One of the important skills we emphasize in our room is taking turns and sharing. The babies have a little more work to do in distinguishing sharing toys and germs.

Adventures outside of the classroom are always refreshing. This week’s adventure took us on an inside stroller walk to search for pint sized animals. The babes took pride when they spotted an animal and were rewarded by carrying the animal for the duration of our walk.

We welcomed Miss Kaitlyn to the Bet Shalom Yeladim family. The babies are warming up to her sweet and caring personality.

We hope you all have a wonderful, healthy weekend and look forward to next week, the last week of October. 

Lovingly, Miss Heidi, Miss Sarah, Miss Rosie, Miss Hannah