Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Welcome back to a full, fall week Tzahov families! Exciting developments occurred this week. We are proud when our babes reach developmental milestones. This week, we have a new crawler, emergent talkers and newly independent sitters and standers. Other changes that occurred this week include our transition to the new nap room in preparation for the new infant room opening next month.

Continuing with our theme of Crazy for Animals, we started the week singing animal songs and reading animal books. The babies love, “Old MacDonald” and “5 Green Frogs”. We also read, “Noisy Farm Animals” and “Find The Duck”. It is so much fun to see the babies faces light up when they hear the animal sounds in the board books and when they try to mimic the sounds. 

A messy finger painting art project was a fun sensory experience for most of the babies. They enjoyed taking white paint and spreading it around black card stock. The teachers then assembled them into sheep shapes. Some babies enjoyed the experience, while other babies were frustrated when they could not eat the paint. Look for the sheep outside the classroom. 

Scarves and sample fabrics were set out for the babes to explore. They enjoyed feeling the different textures. Playing peekaboo was a favorite game to play with the fabric. Other games we played a lot this week include, “Where’s the (fill in the blank)”, teaching and encouraging the understanding of object permanence. 

Next week, we will bring out animal masks and a new sensory activity involving water and sea creatures.

On Wednesday of next week be sure to dress the babies in pj’s for Pajama Day. We are planning a fun pajama party!

Warmly,Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi, Miss Rosie and Miss Hannah