Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy last week of October and our Fall Fun theme. We started off the week with a nature walk looking at all the beautiful trees on the Bet Shalom property. While on our walk, we collected pine cones and pine needles for sensory exploration. Thank you all for sending in hats, booties, and jackets for more brisk weather walks. The change in scenery from the classroom and fresh air is welcomed by babies and teachers alike.

A large pumpkin was a big interest this week.  The smooth texture of the pumpkin and the rough stem were noted,  the color and size were noted as well as how heavy it was!  Later in the week, it was cut open for the babes to see and touch the insides.  Ooey, gooey guts!

Throughout the week, the babies have been working on a multi step art project. Early in the week, the teachers stamped the babies forearm and hand with paint. Later in the week,  the babes used dot dot markers to finish the project. Look in the hallway for their beautiful autumn looking trees. 

We introduced playdoh to our oldest babe as a special activity. He had so much fun and stayed busy for a long time. 

Next week, we start our new theme Me, Myself and I. The first week will focus on body parts, the second week will focus on our 5 senses and the week before Thanksgiving we will focus on our emotions. 

Have a lovely and safe weekend.


Miss Sarah and Miss Heidi