Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy 3rd full week of Fall Fun in Tzahov! This week,  we focused on pumpkins. The babes did a fun pumpkin stamping art project and there were pumpkins all around to explore. Pajama day this week was a hit too!

Each babe had an opportunity to explore a small pumpkin. They were all interested in different ways. Some wanted to mouth it, some bat at it, some throw it, and a couple babes just held it and looked at it. We talked about the color and the parts of the pumpkin.  Then the babes used the pumpkin to stamp paint. The babes were also a big part of the clean up and washed the pumpkin in the sink. You can see their beautiful works of art in the hallway outside our door. 

Various pumpkins and gourds were on the shelves for curious babes to examine. The differences in all the shapes, colors,  and sizes lent itself to introducing new vocabulary. Next week,  we will cut open the pumpkins to examine the insides!!!

Pajama day was oh so comfy! There were lots of books available and teachers’ laps to sit in. We read Sandra Boynton’s Pajama Time and a new book to us, You’re My Cuddle Bug by Nicola Edwards. The babies love story time!!

In addition to opening up the pumpkins  next week, we have one more fall themed art project planned,  as well as going on nature walks to highlight trees.  

We hope you all stay healthy and have a good weekend. 


Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah