Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Shabbat Shalom Tzahov Families!

First off, we want to welcome Soleil and Family to Tzahov! It has been lovely getting to know her sweet personality. Welcome Sol!

Not only has fall arrived outside, but our classroom sure has even more of a fall feel. New fall sensory items were the focus this week. Fall fabric leaves were scattered around the room. The teachers had fun collecting the leaves in baskets and the babies had fun when the teachers poured the leaves over their heads. New sensory leaf bags were made and affixed to different stations in the room. The bags had leaves, oil, sequins, glitter and water color for a unique texture and look. The kids enjoyed spreading their fingers over the bag and squishing them around. As they play, this is a great way for teachers to emphasize fall vocabulary. 

Our Jewish Value for the month is Rodfay Shalom or pursuers of peace which we interpret as finding ways to bring peace and calm to the classroom. One way we  acted upon this is by decorating the classroom with apple twinkle lights and fall color globe lights. The ambiance is so warm and calming. It’s a great environment to cuddle up with a book or sit in a circle and sing some fun autumn songs. 

Art this week was an interesting and sticky activity for the babes. The teachers cut out leaves backed with contact paper for the babies to stick tissue paper on. Most of the littles enjoyed crinkling the leaf or crunching the tissue paper with their hands. We displayed their works of art on our window to be admired. 

Next week our plan is to focus on pumpkins and gourds.

We hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and stay healthy.


Miss Sarah and Miss Heidi