Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy October Tzahov families,

This month we are celebrating Fall! The room is decorated with apples, leaves, pumpkins, and typical fall colors.  Red, orange, and yellow velcro dots were added to the carpet for a fun sensory experience. The babes feel a sense of pride after pulling them off the floor! A new interactive tree decorated with falling leaves brings a sense of curiosity to the babies. Inside the tree is a ball shoot. The babies get excited after dropping in the balls because each time,  it’s a surprise that it comes out the bottom!!  Fall scented sensory bottles were set out for exploration.  Recycled squeeze bottles were individually filled with whole nutmeg and allspice, and cinnamon sticks. When squeezed, they let out a puff of scented air that is both surprising to the babes, yet a wonderful smell they can’t get enough of!

New songs are displayed in the classroom.  See the photo below for the lyrics. The songs are a lot of fun to sing,  especially with the hand motions we’ve incorporated.  New fall themed books have also been added to the book shelf.  A couple of them are touch and feel books,  oh what fun! Reading books helps teach the vocabulary associated with the fall season.  

Art this week was messy for all and for some, tasty! Pumpkin pie spice was added to paint and put on giant leaves for the kids to spread around. Their works of art are displayed in the hallway for everyone to admire and smell. 

Next week, we have another art project planned as well as more fall themed sensory opportunities. Until then, stay healthy!

Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah