Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Wow! What a beautiful end to our first full week at school.

Hag Sameach (happy holiday) to everyone who is celebrating Sukkot. The babies have enjoyed shaking the plush lulav and etrog and reading the book, Sukkot is Coming, by Tracy Newman. We have visited the sukkah and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

This month during the theme of All About Me and My School,  we have emphasized routines/activities in the classroom paired with a lot of sign language. Immediately after arriving at school,  the babies stand at the sink to wash hands. Washing hands at the sink occurs often throughout the day; at arrival,  after diaper,  before and after eating. The sign for washing hands mimics the action of washing hands. All day we teach signs like more and all done especially in preparation for use at mealtimes. We also use signs for diaper, eat, water, milk, book, help, and please. We are always so proud when the babies catch on and use signs to communicate. 

You might be wondering,  how do everyone’s individual schedules affect our daily routines/activities? After hand washing,  it’s playtime until bottles,  diapers,  snacks, and/or naps are done.  Playtime sometimes is structured by group songs and/or storytime as well as curriculum themed toys and skill building. Unstructured playtime includes individual exploration and free choice of toys. Often, we plan activities like group walks around bits of time when all the babies are diapered, fed, and awake. It’s amazing when the schedule works in our favor. After first nap, it’s more diapers,  bottles and snacks followed by more playtime and eventually second nap. And so our day goes until we say goodbye to our precious kiddos at the end of the day. 

This month,  we have also focused on building relationships; both between teachers and babes and between classmates. We have played “roll the picture cube” and name our friends,  a lot of peek a boo, encouraged playing together taking turns, snuggly time with books, and good conversation.  We are working on teaching “gentle touch” and being careful around our friends. It’s so joyful to observe genuine excitement on a baby’s face when their bestie arrives at school. It is also so wonderful to watch the babies interact,  whether it be chasing each other,  offering “kisses”, or just enjoying each other’s company

Next week will be our last week with All About Me and My School. We are excited to share with you a project we have been working on all month.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Warmly, Miss Heidi and Miss Sarah