Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Jewish New Year Tzahov Families!

We are so happy to welcome everyone back and to welcome Moshe to our Tzahov family. We are already enjoying his big smiles! And the class has been so interested in their new friend.

To help all of our littles get to know each other, we placed a picture of each child on the sides of boxes and took turns rolling the box to see who’s picture it would land on. The teachers would then name each face on the picture and point to the child. Giving a name to a face helps build community in our classroom. In addition to the picture boxes, the babes can freely crawl up to their pictures that are posted on apples, a symbol representing Rosh Hashanah. They love pointing to each picture and hearing the teachers call who it is. 

Other symbols we have been naming associated with Rosh Hashanah that are present in our classroom include, the shofar, round challah and honey to go with our delicious apples. One way we talk about these is by singing our “Apples and Honey” song and our “Shofar Blast” song. See the photo of the lyrics below.  They are super catchy and short. Every now and then the teachers could be heard humming these songs around the classroom. We also have been reading two Jewish Holiday books, “Rosh Hashanah is Coming” by Tracy Newman and “Sammy Spiders First Book of Jewish Holidays” by Sylvia A. Rouss. The babes all love to curl up in a lap and read books.

Rosh Hashanah cards were made for the staff in the building, as well as one for each of you. The kids took turns stamping their hand on a piece of paper and then the teachers made it into an apple. The kiddos enjoyed a stroller ride around the building as we dropped off New Years Cards. The babes love going on a mini adventure and seeing all the different faces. 

Next week, the babies will get a chance to name more of our daily activities and routines. We will also talk more about the different sign language we teach for things like, all done, milk and more. 

We hope everyone enjoys the weekend. 
Warmly, Miss Sarah and Miss Heidi