Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

What a beautiful week for a picnic! As a part of our Summer Fun theme,  this week we picnicked, complete with a blanket,  baskets of play food, songs, and even a Hawaiian luau.

All week, a checkered picnic blanket was taped to the floor with plates,  cups,  and plastic utensils available for dramatic play. Baskets of food including ice cream were set out to explore. We said,  “let’s eat!”

We added a picnic song to our collection to heighten the excitement of the theme. Look at the photo for the lyrics. We sang,  “ready for a picnic? Here we go!”

On Wednesday,  some of the babes dressed in Hawaiian and had fun with a basket of leis. “So pretty,” we said!

We cannot believe that next week will be our last week of the summer session.  There will not be a blog so we also want to give a special farewell to Cooper F. We are excited to see him through the playground door and watch him flourish as a young toddler. We say, “it’s not goodbye,  it’s see you soon.” 

We will also be saying a special farewell to Miss Noa and our Katom friends as they return to the Katom classroom. We say,  “we’ll miss you!”

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 
Warmly, Miss Heidi,  Miss Sarah, and Miss Noa