Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Summer is flying by in Tzahov. We can’t believe August is already here! Our final summer theme is Summer Fun. This week was beach week. We had sensory bins, art, new songs, beach towels with various beach toys laid out and of course beach balls, one of the kiddos absolute favorites. 

The week started with beach towels spread out on the floor for the babes to explore, snuggle and roll around on. Sand castle toys were also available for the kids to play with. One fun game we play often is hiding small toys under larger items for the kids to find. When found, the teachers exclaim, “Ta- da! You found it.” This time, we added a beach twist and hid small fish rings under sand castles for them to find. 

For art, the babies got a chance to dot dot a beach scene. Some showed delight in banging the marker on the page and some were so interested in the color coming onto the page. 

Sensory bins were created with sand and sea shells for the older babies to explore. They enjoyed all the different textures of the sand and shells. They also loved scooping the sand and placing the shells into the scoops. It is such a great activity the kept the kids busy for quite some time.

Two new beach songs were added to our library. Lyrics can be found in the pictures below. In addition to these songs, The Beach Boys were played on Pandora and the kids enjoyed a beach ball dance party. It’s great for the teachers to dance their hearts out and the babies are always intrigued by the silly things we do. 

Next week we will be an emphasis on camping. Wait for next week’s blog to see what fun we will have. 
Stay safe.

Warmly, Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi and Miss Noa