Tzahov Room צהוב (Infants)

Happy Friday Tzahov Families. This first week of October has brought a lot of fun with our new theme of “Crazy for Animals”. The babes have had so much fun hearing new stories and singing new songs. It was a short week, with the school being closed on Monday to celebrate the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. We hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather.

On Tuesday, we welcomed Miss Rosie and Merlin to the Tzahov family and welcomed back Eliana from her 4 month summer vacation. We are so happy to see new faces in our room.

To go along with our animal theme, new songs were introduced to the babes. Look in the photos to see the lyrics to the songs and you can sing them at home.

The teachers favorite new song is “Three Little Fish”, which is sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”. We used tangible animal props to peak interest and excitement. Other songs we introduced are “The Bunny Pokey” song, which is sung to the tune of “The Hokey Pokey” and “Little Kitten”, sung to the tune of “I Have A Little Dreidel”. It is such a joy seeing the babies faces light up when we try something new and different. Part of the curriculum this month is to have stuffed animals to make connections. To go along with our songs, we have fish, kittens, monkeys and even a giant chicken. The babes love snuggling and playing with the animals when we sing.

We will also be using the animals to teach about our Jewish value of Shalom Bayit, which means peace in the home… or in our case, the classroom. This week, our first skit was about sharing. We used a monkey and a dog to talk about how sharing is easy and kind. We hope to perform more little skits that talk about kind gestures.

In the afternoon on Thursday, we were able to enjoy a little walk outside. We bundled up with jackets and hoods. It was a bit chilly, but the fresh air felt nice.

Today, on Friday, we will have pumpkin shapes in ziplock bags in the cubbies for the littles to explore and smush paint around in. Should be fun!

We hope everyone had a lovely week and enjoy the weekend.

Miss Sarah, Miss Heidi, Miss Rosie and Miss Hannah